Town twinning? We give it a nein

Biggleswade was described as apathetic 25 years ago this week when it gave a resounding ‘non’ by default to suggestions that the town should be twinned like its neighbours Potton and Sandy.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 12th April 2013, 11:30 am

In 1987, the town council had asked residents to express their feelings about the proposal by writing to clerk Denis Sale but a year on, he had received no feedback whatsoever and remarked: “There doesn’t seem to be any interest”.

Mayor Duncan Strachan said that he was disappointed, adding that the town was missing out by not having a twinning arrangement with, for example, a French or German town, and saying that “even a negative response would have better than none at all.”

“I think twinning can be very useful in that it gives towns the chance to exchange ideas” said Coun Strachan. Many smaller places are twinned.”

Enthusiasm clearly picked up around 22 years later as the town was twinned with Erlensee near Frankfurt in 2010.