Comfortable win in the autumn sun for S&S IIs

Shefford & Sandy Ladies IIs continued their winning run with a 2-0 success on the road at Harpenden Ladies II.

S&S started brightly and controlled the Five Counties League Division One match with relative ease. The old duo of Fury and Wilson made a welcome return to the team and were soon linking up well down the right.

Nunn, playing more in a holding role, distributed the ball across all areas of the pitch. Thus Harpenden, were pegged back in their own half with only their goaliethwarting the S&S forwards efforts.

When Harpenden did break they were unable to break down the sturdy stalwarts in defence and S&S soon regained possession. At this point Fuller hadn’t even had a shot or short corner to deal with.

The second half was riddled with petty fouls, mainly by Harpenden, which severely affected the flow and speed of the game.

Luckily for S&S, Field finally broke the deadlock with a shot deflecting in off the keeper’s pads. With all the pressure coming from S&S, Harpenden rarely made it out of their half. Keeper Fuller spent the entire afternoon as a mere spectator, with nothing to do except enjoy the autumn sunshine.

After a goalmouth scramble S&S’s second goal was slotted home by Savage and this was the end of the road for Harpenden.

Player of the match: N Nunn.

S&S: S Fuller, K Hall, G Kelly, T Fury, N Nunn, K Rayner, K Constantine, K Lambourne, K Jeffries, C Field, R Savage , T Alford, T Green.

Meanwhile the S&S first team earned a 3-3 draw at bottom side West Herts IIs in the East Women’s League Division Two SW.

In Five Counties League Divison Three S&S IIIs lost 3-0 at home to St Neots IIs.

And in Division Five the Ivs lost 2-1 at home to Bedford VI.

This weekend the first team host Harpenden.

S&S IIs face rivals Letchworth IIs away, the IIIs visit Stevenage IVs while the Ivs host Stevenage VI.