Eastbourne artist Chaela releases new single

Only Ambition Recordings has confirmed its latest release is What You Like with up-and-coming Eastbourne artist Chaela, available to stream and download.

Kwame Oteng, founder, Only Ambitions Recordings, said it blends pop and EDM to create “her fresh unapologetic, hypnotic sound for 2021.”

“What You Like compels its audience with a mesmerising narrative heard in Chaela’s dreamy vocals throughout. Her unique voice sits at the forefront of this track combined with a lively bass taking listeners on an enchanting musical journey.

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“Only Ambition recordings is proud to present Chaela who has been working extremely hard with us over the past couple of months. Chaela not only represents strong independency but also represents the hunger and ambition that a new artist needs. We at Only Ambition consider not only the talent of our artist but their well-being as well. It’s important to us that both artist and company both agree on each release.”

Chaela said: “I’ve loved working with Only Ambition. It’s great to be part of a motivated team with like-minded people. My manager is very supportive and does a lot of hard work behind the scenes. It’s been great and I feel like the journey with OA is only just beginning.”

Kwame added: “Only Ambition Recordings is a fresh new record label giving music artists a platform to express their creative content. Only Ambition sees its artists as more like a family than a group of assets to exploit for profit.

“We are working tirelessly to build a team worthy of major ambitions where everybody eats and nobody falls subject to the disloyalty littered throughout the music and arts industries. We are pragmatic in what we do and continue to build a strong team that follows our ethos.”

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