Biggleswade’s Neighbours Sing! is celebrating first anniversary and looking for partners

A community singing group in Biggleswade is hoping to reach the high notes and find new partners to support its work.

Voluntary group Neighbours Sing! was set up by staff at the award-winning Renaissance Music School on New Year’s Eve 2018 and has gone from strength to strength.

Neighbours Sing!

Neighbours Sing!

The team describes itself as a “singing group with a difference”; there are no performances and everyone sings the same line (tune) with a live piano accompaniment.

“Over the past year Neighbours Sing! has surpassed our expectations,” said Rosanne Goldman, who runs the singing sessions.

“We have a wonderful group of people and we enjoy a good laugh and leave on a singing high every time.

“It has been a pleasure to witness friendships flourish.

“There are no words, voice parts or choreographies to learn, no solo singing, no performance nerves and absolutely no judgment.

“It is a choir without the scary bits.”

The singing group is now looking to find a new partner or partners to support its work, with the group run on a voluntary basis ; the money collected at the sessions only covers printing and administrative costs.

Roseanne added: “If it is to grow it will need sponsorship from local businesses.”

The club welcomes everyone, no matter their singing abilities - even those who think they can’t carry a tune or have no ear.

If you would like to join Neighbours Sing! or sponsor the group, please contact Rosanne on 01767 601404 (after 1pm) or on