Museum opens doors to see movie props

RAF Signals Museum
RAF Signals Museum

Equipment used during the filming of the Oscar winning movie The Imitation Game can be seen at an open day on Saturday.

The Signals Museum at RAF Henlow can be visited between 10am and 4pm and tells the story of RAF Signals.

One of the pieces of equipment is a Y Service Station, which were the secret listening stations that intercepted German Military transmissions encoded by Enigma, and fed this information back to Station X, Bletchley Park, where they were successfully decoded after much work and innovation by Alan Turing. The recent film about him, The Imitation Game, used equipment borrowed from the museum in its making.

A spokesman for the organisers said: “We were asked several months ago if we could supply certain items of equipment to help in the making of this new film, the story of Alan Turing, the Bletchley Park code breaking genius.

“We were pleased to loan to the film makers, AR88 and HRO receivers and working teleprinters.

“We are proud to have been involved in this important story.”

It is not the first brush the museum has had with the movie-making business.

Recently it lent equipment used in the newly released Pan film starring Hugh Jackman.

The museum will also be on the air with our Amateur Radio Station, GB4SMH as usual.

Just go to the Guardroom with photo ID, passport, driving licence or over 60s bus pass to get a free entry ticket.

The next time the museum will be open is Saturday December 5 .

For further information about the museum and future open days visit