Bedfordshire duo release new CD


A debut album has been released by a duo from Biggleswade and Gamlingay.

LuminAnt, a duo have released Renaissance which was recorded in Biggleswade.

It was a drunken night at a karaoke bar which led to the band’s formation.

Lucy Barka decided to give it a go when the bar offered people the chance to have a go.

Once she had hold of the microphone Lucy was transformed, confidently strutting her stuff and delivered a jaw dropping performance of Who Knew by P!nk.

For Anthony Horsman, the journey was a little longer to reach.

It was the late 80’s and Ant was following his dream with China White, a rock band with some serious talent.

Writing some great tunes they rocked the North West club circuit and were close to breaking through with a recording deal when disaster struck and in 1990 the band split.

Ants love of making music never faded but remained in hibernation for the next 25 years while he raised a family.

It was transformed when they went on holiday to Greece in summer 2015 with Lucy the friend of one of Ant’s children.

Back home in Bedfordshire, Ant started playing with ideas of covers and suggested to Luce about performing a short set together at a charity gig run by his work.

Ant needed to learn to play again... and fast so Luce and Ant got to work and with just a couple of days to go before the gig they called on Ants good friend Lee from Anthony’s home town Blackpool, to fill in on drums.

However the duo got through the gig but the reaction from the audience was when would they be playing again.

The album has taken most of this year and was released last week. It is available on iTunes and Amazon.

For further information, or to purchase the album visit