Oh Mama...what a fanfare of flavours

Wagamama ANL-140503-165144001
Wagamama ANL-140503-165144001

Whether it’s Jamie, Nigella or Gordon, I marvel at their knife skills. Give me a blade of any length and you can guarantee the recipe will have a red streak of blood running through it. I am lethal.

It is therefore with great envy I gaze into Bury’s Wagamama most mornings on a coffee run and see the staff prepping food with the skills of Zorro.

I was delighted to get inside to taste some of that finely-cut fresh food, too - and I wasn’t disappointed.

We hit the airy arc eaterie just as burger joint Byron was opening up and offering diners free meals so the competition was a little more than fierce and slightly unfair to be honest. But the flip side was we were met and greeted very quickly and amiably by friendly staff who were attentive but not annoyingly in-your-face.

We started with Lollipop Prawn Kushiyaki (£6.25), which was fragrant and firm ( I hate mushy prawns) and Pulled Pork Steamed Gyoza (£5.95). These little dumplings were packed with a punch and the dipping sauce set them off superbly.

Chicken Teriaky Donburi (£9.95) caught my eye for main course. The chicken was succulent and cooked superbly while the vegetables were not only cut with aplomb (and not a sign of blood!) but added to the overall flavour ideally.

My other half plumped for Yakitori Duck (£13.95). The meat was nice and juicy and I always love assembling those pancakes with food just as you like it - a real DIY affair.

The food at Wagamama is fulsome but doesn’t leave you feeling bloated so we shared a Banana Katsu (£4.95) for dessert. It screamed ‘Eat Me’ and we forgot about the calorific content which was just as well. Well, as we were sharing the dish, it was almost a half-fat dessert. Right?

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but can I suggest you try the flowering jasmine tea (£2.85). Before your very eyes, a small ball of what looks like herbs opens up magically to reveal a flower in your see-through mug. Pure theatre and we felt like children for watching it develop with coo-ing sounds similar to being introduced to a baby for the first time.