Review - Shrek the Musical at Milton Keynes Theatre

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If you are looking for one last holiday hurrah with the kids then the new touring musical of Shrek is the perfect option.

Based on the 2001 animated film, this show follows the same plot with the title character sent on a quest by the dimunitive Lord Farquaad to rescue Princess Fiona.

Outside of pantomimes and shows based entirely for children, it is exceptionally rare that there is a show so suitable for the entire family at the theatre. Shrek stands out just for that very reason, as there are plenty of gags about breaking wind for the kids and plenty of adult jokes to keep the big kids amused.

The level of detail used to bring all of the various fairytale characters to life was exceptional. One couldn’t help out admire the detail put into putting Pinocchio together to look like a wooden boy. It is an exceptional job by both the costume and make up departments.

The cast looked a little tense at the start of the show but soon relaxed into the proceedings and were much more confident after the interval. Gerard Carey playing Lord Farquaad came up with an extremely physical performance to overcome the character’s obvious shortcomings.

Ryan Reid standing in as Doneky on the night got plenty of chuckles from the audience and his duet with Candace Furbert’s Dragon was probably the most stand out song of the night.

If there is one criticism that could be labelled at the show, it’s that the songs do not last long in the memory. It says a lot that the most stand out song was the show’s encore of I’m a Believer by the Monkees.

However it captivating and enchanting setting makes this the perfect option for the summer.

Shrek The Musical can be seen at Milton Keynes Theatre until Sunday September 6. To book tickets call the box office on 0844 871 7652 or visit