Bard's fantasy comes to Sandy

A Midsummer Night's Dream presented by The Pantaloons
A Midsummer Night's Dream presented by The Pantaloons

There is two chances to head off with the fairies as an anarchic take on A Midsummer Night’s Dream comes to Sandy at the end of the month.

The critically-acclaimed Pantaloons Theatre Company return to the RSPB Lodge on Saturday August 26 and Sunday August 27.

Set in an enchanted forest on midsummer night, it sees Puck and his musical fairy band tell a timeless comic tale of lovers, mechanicals, and magical mayhem.

With a cast of just talented five actor-musicians playing all the roles, audiences can expect plenty of quick-changes and larger-than-life characters.

This fast-paced production, brimming with comic energy, is sure to put a smile on even the glummest face; with audience interaction, contemporary references, slapstick and original live music all nestled comfortably within Shakespeare’s beautiful verse.

This is the Bard done right: by making the clowns an integral part of the show, The Pantaloons bring a genuinely traditional element back to Shakespeare’s work, making it accessible to people of all ages without dumbing down.

Mark Hayward, who has toured with the company since the beginning, says “Our style is accessible for everyone: from small children who enjoy the interactive moments and live music to teenagers who discover a fun new way to approach their Shakespeare studies; from people who have never seen a Shakespeare production before to die-hard Bard fans who get all the inter-textual jokes.”

“In our productions the audience’s imagination is just as important as ours”, he says. “We invite them into the world of the play and a scene’s direction can completely change based on an audience member’s suggestion.”

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