Gamlingay Players says Hi-De-Hi to the Bahamas

Hi-De-Hi by Gamlingay Players
Hi-De-Hi by Gamlingay Players

It is time to enjoy a bit of nostalgia when a popular sitcom is revived for the stage by the Gamlingay Players.

Hi-De-Hi is presented by the group on Friday and Saturday November 25 and 26.

Loosely based on Butlins, Maplins is part of a holiday camp group owned by Joe Maplin, with Yellowcoat replacing Redcoats. Cambridge University Professor of Archaeology, Jeffrey Fairbrother, who had tired of academia, has been appointed the new entertainment manager and is constantly trying to avoid the romantic approaches of the chief Yellowcoat and sports organiser, Gladys Pugh.

In this stage adaption of the TV series, a new camp is set up in the Bahamas. The owner needs female yellowcoats to go and work out there and the annual Miss Yellowcoat competition will decide who is to go.

Rivalry between the girls is fierce with Sylvia and Gladys joint frontrunners to win the coveted yellow sash. Camp cleaner, Peggy, meanwhile, is thrilled at the prospect of a vacancy for a new yellowcoat and convinces Jeffrey that she is the ideal candidate for the job. Ted is forced to employ numerous money-making schemes when his ex-wife turns up at the camp with a bailiff in tow and Yvonne and Barry Stuart-Hargreaves send the rumour mill into overdrive when they overhear Gladys escorting Jeffrey into his chalet late one evening.

Performances take place at The Eco-Hub at 7.45pm both nights as well as 2.30pm on Saturday.

Ticket prices are £8.50 for adults and £7 for children under 16 and OAP’s. They are available at the Eco-Hub or by visiting