Internet giants join together to tackle violent extremism

Four internet giants have teamed up to tackle terrorism, pledging to make their services hostile to violent extremists.

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Monarchy to see financial boost from taxpayer after Crown Estate income rises

The monarchy is expected to receive a financial boost from the taxpayer after the Crown Estate, whose profits fund the Queen’s official work, recorded a large jump in income.

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Royal Navy’s largest ship HMS Queen Elizabeth sets sail for first time

The largest and most powerful ship ever built for the Royal Navy has set sail for the first time.

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Government stance on Brexit ‘nonsense’ and Labour ‘cowards’, Anna Soubry says

Theresa May’s Government needs to “wake up” and change its tone on Brexit, a Conservative former minister has said.

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Powersharing will ensure DUP deal cash is shared fairly: Gerry Adams

Powersharing at Stormont is the only fair way to distribute money from the DUP’s deal with the Conservatives, Gerry Adams said.

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Which? reveal best and worst broadband speeds in the UK

The best and worst broadband speeds across the UK have been revealed by a new study, with the bottom three all coming from Scotland.

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Young less likely to suffer bullying over sexuality than decade ago, says report

Young people are now less likely to be bullied because of their sexual orientation than 10 years ago, but many youngsters are still at risk, according to a report.

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Mascot Bradley Lowery’s mother says stop contacting her to ask if he has died

The mother of terminally-ill football mascot Bradley Lowery has asked people to stop contacting her on social media to see if he has died.

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N-Dubz rapper Dappy walks free from court after knife charge

Former N-Dubz rapper Dappy has walked free from court after his girlfriend told a judge she “couldn’t ask for a better father and partner”.

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Number of high-rise buildings found to have flammable cladding rises to 75

Flammable cladding has been found on 75 high-rise buildings across 26 local authority areas, Sajid Javid has said.

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MoD didn’t support Rigby family – murdered soldier’s mother

The mother of murdered soldier Lee Rigby has criticised the Ministry of Defence, saying it failed to support her family.

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Six police injured in clashes after protest over black man’s death

Six police officers have been injured, including four taken to hospital, during clashes that followed a protest in London over the death of a man after a traffic stop.

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Third of motorists think driving test changes insufficient, poll finds

A third of motorists do not believe upcoming changes to the driving test go far enough to tackle dangerous habits.

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Brexit divorce bill should be no more than £26 billion says think tank

The UK’s “divorce bill” on leaving the European Union should be no more than £26 billion (30 billion euro), a free-market think tank has calculated.

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Mental health patients sent long distances for care ‘endemic NHS practice’

The practice of sending mental health patients far away from friends and family to receive care has become endemic in the NHS, leading doctors warned as new figures show a rise in the number of patients sent miles away.

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Child in critical condition after car incident at Eid celebrations

A seven-year-old who was injured when a car crashed into a crowd following Eid celebrations remains critically ill in intensive care, police have said.

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Teachers getting training to deal with pupils’ mental health issues

Teachers who have been given special training to deal with pupils’ mental health problems will make a “real difference to children’s lives”, Theresa May said.

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Debenhams issues profits warning as sales slump in ‘volatile’ market conditions

Department store chain Debenhams has warned that “volatile” conditions on the high street could impact full-year profits.

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‘Hole in the wall’ proving cash is still king on 50th birthday

The cash machine celebrates its 50th birthday today – with the “hole in the wall” remaining a popular way for people to manage their day-to-day money half a century after it first appeared on the UK’s streets.

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Government’s ‘shabby’ deal with DUP branded a threat to Good Friday Agreement

Theresa May has been accused of jeopardising peace in Northern Ireland, after reaching a £1 billion deal with the Democratic Unionist Party to prop up her minority Government.

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