Hastings poet John D Robinson offers light in "these dark days"

Hastings poet John D Robinson brings together new and previously published poems in a new collection.
John D RobinsonJohn D Robinson
John D Robinson

Always More – New & Selected Poems has been published by Horror Sleaze Trash, USA and is available from Amazon UK.

John, aged 57, has selected a number of poems from his previous publications including When You Hear The Bell, There’s Nowhere to Hide, Cowboy Hats & Railways, The Making Of An Outlaw, Hitting Home, The Pursuit Of Shadows, Too Many Drinks Ago and Sharks & Butterflies.

“I have been writing for four decades. I am constantly inspired: by nature, by the people I meet, know and love, by the stories I am told or read. I am inspired by the everyday marvellous from a flight of birds to a crawling insect: by rain and sunshine.

“I celebrate life in my words, I celebrate the downtrodden and the outsiders, but I always write with love and compassion. I hope that the book will bring some light into these dark days, some laughter, smiles, nodding of heads, outraged and be warmed by the variety and embracing flow of the words.

“About four years ago I published my first book of poetry. It was all I ever wanted to do and I remained hungry and energetic to pursue another publication. I was very fortunate and had editors and publishers approaching me for work.

“I am also a small press publisher. This has given me the opportunities to work with some of today’s most honoured and respected poets/artists of the small press. Publishing chapbooks of other poets works is a process that I enjoy very much.

“To begin with an idea and morph it into book, something that you can hold in your hand is a beautiful feeling.

“I have found myself in a place that I never thought I would, having Always More New and Selected Poems published. If you’re just starting out to write, do just that, just write no matter what: keep writing: do what you love. Believe in what you do, in yourself, love.

“I started to write about four decades ago. I read Jack Kerouac’s On The Road and this book opened up the world for me. It was a world that offered endless adventures and pathways into creativity. Kerouac, William Wantling, Bob Kaufman, Doug Draime, Steve Richmond, Gregory Corso, Pedro Juan Guiterrezl James D Quinton are just a few influences:

“Writing came quite naturally to me and is the form of self-expression that I am very comfortable with. However, it took many years to find a style and form and voice that felt true and honest and natural and that gave me the confidence to send my work out into the world. I do paint and have had some of my works exhibited and also on the covers of small press publications.

“I write every day. Most of it remains in the notebook, but every now and then, I’ll type it up on the laptop and may consider sending it out to a literary publication. I could not live without writing. I would not want to live without writing. Some people make miniature railways or collect stamps or knit clothes or listen to music: words are mine, my way of escaping into the world of creativity and self-expression.”

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