Prepare to visit Temple of Daft with Milton Jones

Very rarely does anyone ask the question ‘how’s your grandfather?’ and it ends with a threat to their families. But then not everyone is Milton Jones.

The comedian is talking about his newly extended tour The Temple of Daft which comes to Milton Keynes Theatre on October 1.

“My grandad from the previous tour is doing fine. This tour now features an uncle. I keep being asked which character I am going to do next.

“I’ve heard suggestions that I should do my sister or my mother. I keep threatening the various members of my family that I will be doing them next,” he jokes.

“Previously the tour has been more or less a collection of jokes whereas this has more of a story based on Indiana Jones but with low tech props.

“The tour has been extended right through to the end of November so at least I know my lines now.

“I have done sections within the shows containing stories but artistically you have got to keep yourself interested and you can’t go along to the theatre with the same old jokes. However you need to make it similar to what you have had before.

“The show is broadly the same that people saw before the tour was extended. However there are little jokes that go in should something topical come in like Jeremy Clarkson punching a producer. That is being slowly phased out as people have forgotten about it.

“Anything big I write will be going in the next tour. You might not notice a difference between show 2 and 3 but you’ll notice the difference between show 2 and 52.”

He is also looking forward to the extended tour despite the problems it presents.

“Touring is an interesting thing. You do drive around and go through places and you think I know I am performing here in a couple of days time.

“I did once do a gig in Blackburn walked on and said hello Stockport. The audience thought it was a joke.

“I think you can tell the quality of a place by how expensive the car wash is. If you go to London and it is £12.99 and then go to Barrow in Furness and it is £1.99.

“I do prefer the theatre because it is just your work and the audience and there is no technicalities getting in the way.

“However you can’t go out on the road all of the time without being on television and radio.”

While many comedians will constantly be trying to make people laugh and Milton favours a more low key approach when not performing.

He said: “There are two types of comedian. There is the one that is constantly on and the others who are different from their comedian persona. I think I drop into the more schizophrenic type latter. If I meet people, they will often say that I am very different to the on screen persona.

“The other thing is that the people who are always on all the time, you don’t want to spend that much time with them because they are constantly trying out new material.

He is probably best known for his numerous appearances on television including Mock the Week.

“It is a real challenge even now after doing it for a few years. I am normally booked to do it while Wimbledon is on and I think I have ran out of jokes about tennis. Because of my personality and the non-sequitir style of comedy I do, I’m normally forgiven if it has the word tennis in it. It’s not like I am doing very satirical comedy.

“It is like doing an exam, you are given a whole load of subjects that come up and you go and revise them and you have to hope that you have revised the right ones and that they come up.”

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