Console Corner: First new WarioWare for 14 years launching on Nintendo Switch soon

WarioWare Get It Together is out September 10thWarioWare Get It Together is out September 10th
WarioWare Get It Together is out September 10th
While the next gen video gaming world bores us to tears in its state of unintended hibernation, Nintendo's brilliant Switch continues to embarrass Sony and Microsoft.

Other than a handful of titles, I have barely touched my PS5 since launch. And as I touched on in a recent column, the lack of exclusives on those machines is nothing short of a disgrace.

But Nintendo have held my attention with amazing release after amazing release on the Switch.

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And with little to get excited about on the horizon for next gen gamers still waiting to find out why they spent their hard earned money on the much hyped consoles, once again Nintendo are set to profit with the release of a brand new WarioWare next month.

In what is the first bona-fide new game in the series for 14 long years, WarioWare: Get It Together looks like the best yet.

A mash-up of brilliant little mini games, the onus - as ever - is on you the gamer to figure out the controls and what to do in each game.

Nintendo promises over 200 quick and quirky microgames and it lands on September 10th.

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A demo of the game released last week and won instant and universal praise.

That has ramped up the excitement ahead of the full release in three weeks and trust me it will be justified.

The difference this time around is the presence of the characters themselves on screen as opposed to just controlling the game. That's because Wario and his friends have been sucked inside his latest gaming device, meaning they must participate in the microgames themselves.

As such, the game has up to two players control a group of characters, randomly alternating between them inbetween Microgames. Characters are controlled using the directional stick and a single button, with each character behaving differently in how they move and what actions they can do.

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For example, Wario flies around on a jetpack and can perform a shoulder charge, Mona alternates between automatically riding her scooter and controlling a boomerang in the air, and 18-Volt fires CDs from a stationary position and can only move around by hooking onto rings.

These unique abilities mean each character has different ways of clearing the same microgame. For example, a microgame that requires spinning a windmill around can be cleared by either pushing the windmill physically or hitting it with projectiles. There are also party-style minigames for up to four players and presents players can give to the characters to receive rewards.

Anticipation is high for this one and once again I'm fully expecting Nintendo to smash it out of the park.

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