Clifton mother and daughter donate hair in honour of friend’s cancer battle

A kind-hearted mother and daughter, from Clifton, had their lovely long hair cut short in memory of a dear friend who battled cancer.

By Jo Gravett
Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 3:56 pm
Sasha and Freya's lovely long locks before they were cut, and after the chop!
Sasha and Freya's lovely long locks before they were cut, and after the chop!

Sasha Marsom, 29, and daughter, Freya, seven, recently had 10.5 inches of their hair cut off for the Little Princess Trust, a charity which makes wigs for young people who are fighting the disease or other conditions which cause hair loss.

The duo were taking on the challenge in honour of their family friend, Tania Marshall, 51, of Langford, who died in November 2017 after a long fight with breast cancer.

Freya said: “I was really excited for the haircut. It’s easier to brush it now. We’ve raised over £700, which will help the Little Princess Trust to make wigs for other people.

“Tania liked having hers because it made her feel comfortable.”

The pair’s challenge took place in The White Rooms in Shefford - who paid for the cut - and Sasha remembers that that evening, there were pink clouds in the sky, Tania’s favourite colour.

Sasha said: “We hold many fond memories with Tan, mostly passing time over cake or watching Freya and her little brother, Alfred, play with her face, glowing with pride.

“Tan had a long and rocky road battling breast cancer, where many rounds of chemotherapy caused her to lose her hair numerous times.

“Her wig became a comfort to feel an ounce of normality during such an uncomfortable time, even for answering the door to the postman.”

The mum and daughter also felt that the Little Princess Trust was the right charity to donate to, because it create wigs for people with any medical condition causing hair loss, including the genetic condition that’s in their family, Ectodermal Dysplasia.

The condition can cause many different developmental issues, including sparse hair growth or no growth at all.

Sasha added: “We are lucky to be able to grow our own hair so why not cut it off to share with others that need it?

“We are incredibly proud of how selfless Freya is and if anybody else would like to donate, our JustGiving page will be open until October 4.”