UPDATE: Bedford records almost 100 positive cases - and nearly 160 in Central Bedfordshire

There were 50 death nationally - and one in Central Bedfordshire

Tuesday, 13th July 2021, 4:26 pm

As of today (July 13), Bedford recorded 94 new cases of coronavirus, with a total of 16,262 people now diagnosed with the virus, according to the latest figures Public Health England

That's quite the jump as yesterday, although still high, Bedford recorded just 59 in comparison.

Central Bedfordshire recorded 159 new cases - up from 147 yesterday - with a new total of 19,063, while Luton has 123 cases - up from 60 yesterday - with a new total of 23,209.


There were no deaths in Bedford (484) or Luton (507) and one in Central Bedfordshire (575)

Meanwhile, Buckinghamshire now has 36,282 cases of Covid, Hertfordshire has 87,840 and Milton Keynes has 22,651 cases.

In the UK, as today, 45,978,017 people had received the first dose of the vaccination for Covid, and 34,997,491 had received their second dose. ​

In Bedford Hospital and Luton & Dunstable Hospital, three patients were admitted in the last 24 hours, 27 are currently being treated in hospital and six patients are on ventilation.

Central Beds

There is no further breakdown between the two hospitals.

Nationally, the number of coronavirus cases has risen by 36,660 and now stands at 5,191,459. There were 50 deaths, bringing the total to 128,481.

The figures come from the Government website which is available for the public to view here