Low impact of costs

A GUIDED busway in the south of the county will not drain the pockets of residents in this area, Central Bedfordshire Council has said.

The busway, which has been designed to connect Luton and Dunstable, will cost £89.2m but the council has said that the project will come at little or no cost to any of the county’s residents.

The vast majority of the price will be funded by the Department for Transport (DfT) and as is customary a 10 per cent local contribution is required.

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This £8.92m contribution is being found through developer contributions and only £2.3m is left to be secured.

It is expected that the remaining money will be given by developers before the end of the scheme.

However, if any cost is remaining Central Beds Council and Luton Borough Council will each pay £1.15m towards the final sum.

Councillor Brian Spurr, executive member for sustainable communities services at Central Bedfordshire Council, said: “The expectation is that this local contribution will be found from developers through Section 106 agreements before the end of the scheme.”