A golden chance for mill ticket winners

Three competition winners will get the chance to learn the secrets of milling – but they are yet to claim their prize.
Golden ticketGolden ticket
Golden ticket

The three have not yet collected their golden ticket at Stotfold Watermill which will give them the rare opportunity to use the machinery at the mill and make their own flour.

They will also be given a special behind-the-scenes tour of the mill and can dress in a traditional miller’s smock and neckerchief.

Volunteers at the mill are now appealing for the lucky winners to get in touch so they can claim their prize, which will see them using grindstones in the milling process.

Ray Kilby, one of the master millers said: “Grinding flour in a watermill takes real craftsmanship.

“Milling uses all your senses and the winners will learn some of the skills we use.

“You have to listen to the stones because they talk to you – and can grumble as well, if they’re not working at the right speed.”

Last year two winners had the chance to learn the secrets of milling – Todd Mitchell and Lawrence Gibb.

Ray added: “Lawrence now wants to be a miller when he’s older.”

Volunteers at Stotfold Watermill and Nature Reserve are now preparing for the start of the new season, and the attraction opens again on Sunday.

Visitors can watch the craftsmanship that goes into producing stone-ground flour – and buy the end product at the Kingfisher Gift Shop.

A special exhibition of antique woodworking tools will also be taking place, while a Secrets of Cider Making evening event with tastings is to be held on Friday, March 28.

If you are one of the Golden Ticket winners you can contact the mill at [email protected] or by calling 01462 734541.

Otherwise see www.