Children do love to be beside the seaside

SEASIDE customs from the past fascinated youngsters as they reached the end of the summer term.

Pupils in Years One and Two at Maple Tree Lower School in Sandy were visited by the History Off the Page historians on Friday (July 15).

Key Stage One teacher, Lucy Butterworth, said: “We’ve been learning about sealife, the seaside and holidays. We looked at different historical seaside artefacts from holidays in the past; Victorian swimming costumes, old photos and postcards.

“Then we made our own postcards, did coin rubbing with old money and made shell boxes decorating trinket boxes with shells.”

Afterwards the children, who were dressed for the occasion, pretended to be on the pier. They set up a stall selling all of the items they had made earlier in the day with pupils taking it in turns to be shopkeepers and customers.

Miss Butterworth added: “They learnt a lot about the history of seaside holidays and how things have changed from Victorian times into the 40s and 50s.

“A lot of the children were fascinated by the historical clothing, which covered the full body and is very different to now!”

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