Dog trainer from Clifton introduces yoga just for the pooches

Denise Price with Mabel
Denise Price with Mabel

A dog trainer from Clifton has taken a novel approach to her work - she has started a new range of Real Dog Yoga sessions.

The yoga class Denise Price launched means the dogs do the yoga - all you need is a dog, a mat and a neutral relaxed environment.

The moves are designed with the dog in mind. Real Dog Yoga is a system of training developed by Jo-Rosie Haffenden, who is well known for her work on ITV’s ‘Teach My Pet To Do That’ and Channel 4’s ‘Rescue Dog to Superdog’. Denise was taught and accredited by Jo-Rosie to teach the method.

The sessions teach dogs 30 postures, 15 actions and 10 expressions, all of which are designed to reduce anxiety and provide body conditioning.

It aims to reduce stress in dogs, calm down the over-excited ones, or complement physiotherapy for dogs that are recuperating from sports injury. Denise said: “What I love about Real Dog Yoga is that any dog, young or old, can participate. It is a great way to connect with your dog, get their focus, and build your bond.”

The yoga mat is important too - the dog chooses when it wants to participate in a session. Denise spent a week at Battersea Dogs Home in December to find that this approach does work.

She said: “I was given the opportunity to train with a wonderful Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Fudge. Having never met him before, I wasn’t sure he would join me on the mat. Within a couple of sessions we were working on paw raises. He could potter about whenever he wanted to drink, chew his bone, rest … but he came back to the mat every time.”

Denise will soon be offering workshops around Bedfordshire.

If you are interested in how to get involved in Real Dog Yoga, Denise can be found online at