Driverless van demolishes restaurant’s wall

A RUN away van careered down a slope before ploughing into a restaurant.

By Ellen Frampton
Tuesday, 13th December 2011, 3:00 pm

Part of the wall of the Italian restaurant, Il Carafino, was demolished on impact.

John Riccio, who is one of the Biggleswade eatery’s proprietors, said that he “dreaded to think” what would have happened had anyone been in the van’s way.

The vehicle was parked outside the large white building by Aldi in Bonds Lane while the driver went into the High Street to purchase a snack. By the time he returned it had rolled down the slope into the restaurant.

The incident occurred at 5.40pm on Sunday (December 11) and police attended the scene in an advisory capacity.

Il Carafino was forced to close on Sunday evening and Monday evening while temporary repair work was carried out.

John added: “Our customers have been very understanding and we want to reassure people that it’s now business as usual.”

To read the full story see the Biggleswade Chronicle of Friday, December 16.