Drivers ‘put my baby’s life in danger’

A young dad has hit out at inconsiderate parkers after an ambulance called to help his son was left stuck in the road.

James Darrington, 25, of Apollo Gardens in Biggleswade called for an ambulance after his eight month old son Mylo stopped breathing.

But when it arrived, it had difficulty reaching the house due to cars parked in the road.

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James said: “Eventually the ambulance got through, but when they tried to leave, they couldn’t get through either way. We had to go around banging on people’s doors to get them to move their cars.

People just park wherever they want, even though they’ve got allocated parking at the back of the houses. They’ve got no consideration for anyone.”

James said drivers often having to mount the kerb to get past parked vehicles in the Neptune Road/Apollo Gardens area.

A spokesman for the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust said: “Every minute counts in an emergency and we would ask the public to park with consideration.”

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“This includes thinking about blind spots for on-coming vehicles, ensuring an ambulance is able to travel through the road without problems, and helping crews park close to the address .”

Mylo was in hospital for five days with bronchitis.