Energy leaps from pages of new books for schools

Science and technology learning at Potton Lower and Middle Schools has been energised by the donation of a set of 14 non-fiction and story books from energy company E.ON.

The company held a competition for employees to nominate a school to receive this new reading material to help celebrate World Book Day.

Sue Mahoney, customer service advisor for E.ON at its Caxton Road office in Bedford, said: “I was very keen to put forward Potton to receive these books, because I’m an ex-pupil myself and now my children John and Holly are at Potton Middle School. I still keep in touch with one of my old teachers, who only left the school last year, having been head of year for both my children.

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“While all the pupils will make their own career choices in time, I’ve always enjoyed working in the energy industry and if these new books spark an interest among any of the pupils in energy, and make them wonder where their electricity comes from, then I think that can only be a good thing.”

The collection of books, all of which are linked to the theme of energy, were carefully selected with help from a panel of key stage 1 and 2 teachers.

Andy Bick, head of English at the Potton Federation, said: “Some pupils choose for themselves a reference or factual book when tackling a new topic, but for others, energy can sometimes be a bit of a dry subject and for them, a story book might be more effective. What’s important is that we now have a bigger selection of books to use in support of our teaching of energy and electricity, so all of our pupils should benefit from E.ON’s donation.”

Other schools can benefit from a range of resources. Full details at