Langford traffic still causing issues

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Traffic problems in Langford are still high on the agenda for the village’s Parish Council.

Speaking at the annual Parish Council meeting last month, chairman Cllr Gill Clarke said speeding cars and HGVs through the village was still causing problems,

And she highlighted “the dreadful problem of cars driving into properties at the Cambridge Road, High Street junction.”

On planning she said: “The Flexmore development was approved, and the roads surrounding have been a nightmare with mud, water, potholes etc. Thanks to Steve Dixon for heading off the unlawful insistent access debacle with Barratt Homes.

“We are still awaiting transfer of the land at the rear of The Wrestlers development to the Parish Council, but this will not happen until all of the agreed planning conditions are in place.”

But she also highlighted the progress in the village including a very successful Christmas light competition, ongoing discussions with St Adnrew’s Church regarding the siting of a Christmas tree, life saving equipment provided at The Mill and the purchase of a property at Chadwick House from funds bequeathed by the estate of Betty Chadwick, which has helped provide a young family with a home.

“Thanks to our late Councillor Tony Fisher, part of the Section 106 monies at Station Road development has been relocated to preschool provision,” she said.

“I am so pleased to report that we as Parish Councillors continually try bringing about action to improve and remove the negative points in our village.”

Cllr Brian Saunders from Central Bedfordshire Council said: “Reflecting on our 2017 report and looking to the last 12 months, the issue of development continues to prevail. However, while the 2017 report was an account of continued unplanned growth, the last 12 months does feel as if some better control is finally emerging through our local plan.

“While the overall quantum of proposed sites is relatively low, we mustn’t underestimate the burden of unplanned growth we have endured in the last 8 years.”