More than 50 properties set to be protected from flooding by Pix Brook scheme

A flood warning sign lies in the water following heavy rain. (Pic credit: Leon Neal / Getty Images)A flood warning sign lies in the water following heavy rain. (Pic credit: Leon Neal / Getty Images)
A flood warning sign lies in the water following heavy rain. (Pic credit: Leon Neal / Getty Images)
Pix Brook runs through Stotfold and Arlesey

More than 50 properties are set to be protected from flooding, once funding is secured for the Pix Brook alleviation scheme.

Pix Brook is a tributary of the River Ivel, rising in North Hertfordshire before flowing through Bedfordshire.

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A meeting tomorrow (Thursday, April 25) is set to give an update on progress on the potential delivery of the project.

“The outline business case for the Pix Brook alleviation scheme will be submitted to the Environment Agency in this financial year,” according to the agenda for the Anglian (Great Ouse) regional flood and coastal committee.

“This is for assurance for grant approval of the allocated flood defence grant in aid (GiA) and local levy to support the delivery of the scheme, alongside partnership funding contributions,” it explained.

“The delivery of the proposed scheme will better protect more than 50 properties in the catchment area from ordinary watercourse and surface water flooding.”

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Pix Brook flows through Letchworth Garden City, Stotfold and Arlesey, with an arable and urban catchment.

Central Bedfordshire Council received reports of 21 flooded properties with a greater number unconfirmed, during the winter of 2020/2021, added the agenda.

“The local authority is looking to progress surveys during the current financial year to assess whether identified properties would be suitable for the installation of flood resilience measures.

“The outcome of these property level resilience surveys would provide the evidence to support the delivery of a future scheme to install required measures, such as flood doors and sump pumps, to reduce the potential flooding impact.

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“CBC will also look to deliver a technical support scheme in 2024/25 working with other risk management authorities (RMAs) in the Great Ouse catchment to investigate and develop a number of pipeline flood risk schemes for the current and future capital programmes.”

It was revealed earlier this year that a project was planned to trial measures to respond and adapt to flood risks in Central Bedfordshire, and prepare for the increased impact of climate change, based on work at the Pix Brook.

The CBC and Hertfordshire County Council scheme follows a successful bid for up to £6m funding over six years, as part of the Environment Agency’s flood and coastal innovation programme.

This would involve innovative techniques and technologies to manage water flow, using urban drainage systems and natural flood management.

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The project focuses on the overall health of the Pix Brook watercourse by addressing challenges associated with water quality and pollution, habitat restoration and improving biodiversity

CBC’s flooding lead, executive member for highways and Independent Sandy councillor Simon Ford said last month: “Working closely with local partners, our priority is to help residents and businesses in minimising the disruptions caused by floods and severe weather. We’ve seen how important this issue is recently.”