'Everyone feared the worst': Witnesses tell of aircraft crash

Breaking News ENGELN00420140502100335Breaking News ENGELN00420140502100335
Breaking News ENGELN00420140502100335
Witnesses have told of the moment when a light aircraft crashed into power lines in a farmer's field.

The incident this afternoon saw the vehicle fall to the ground after the collision, which caused hundreds of homes to lose electricity across north Bedfordshire.

It is believed that power has still not been restored to the homes by supplier E.On.

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One witness told the Citizen: “The microlight hit power cables and crashed to the ground. Everybody feared the worst and someone dialled 999.

“Five or six fire engines came, plus police and paramedics.

“But miraculously the pilot was okay. From what we could see, he seemed perfectly fine. I don’t know how as it was a horrible crash.

“Some of the power cables came down and people have no electricity. But the important thing is that the pilot escaped without serious injury.”

E.On have been approached for comment.

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