Harnessed up to live the high life with rope course

The ground seemed a long way away as I stepped out into midair, placing my feet on just a metal rope.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 16th July 2014, 4:09 pm
High ropes
High ropes

This was the first section of the high ropes course at the Fairlands Valley Sailing Centre in Stevenage.

Forcing myself to take my feet off the main platform was quite a challenge but, despite the adrenaline rush, I knew I was safe thanks to the harness and helmet.

The nine metre high course consists of several different sections around a central base.

After walking along the wire (fortunately with a second wire to grab with your hands) there is a series of wooden swings to step across.

Once we had been told the trick – keep moving so the planks don’t have a chance to swing out of control – these weren’t too tricky.

Stepped platforms were the next challenge and then there was a log to walk along.

The final two sections were a series of smaller logs and a rope net to climb across.

After the initial feeling of ‘argh’ the course wasn’t too difficult. The second time round proved trickier with the instructors suggesting we tried such things as taking our hands off or walking backwards – only some of which I managed.

And it wasn’t over yet! To head groundwards there was a 25m zip wire; fun when I’d braved launching myself from the platform, if a tad short.

It was an enjoyable session but as someone who had previously been on Go Ape, the course didn’t really compare in either length or excitement.

However it would be an ideal introduction for younger or more timid thrill seekers.

After the high flying entertainment of the first activity we moved on to a grass slope session.

We dragged mountain boards (all-terrain skate boards), buggies, sledges and turf boards to a grassy slope and proceeded to attempt to make it to the bottom of the slope without falling off.

This was easy with the buggies but the skateboard and I promptly parted company!

The activity centre is based around a lake so there are all kinds of activities that both youngsters and adults can take part in including canoeing, sailing, rowing and windsurfing.

You can also test yourself on the climbing wall, abseil and much more.

Visit www.stevenage-leisure.co.uk for the full details.