'˜Human cost' fears over more housing plans for Potton

An emotional plea to 'allow Potton to breathe' and to consider 'the human cost of development' was brushed aside as plans for up to 30 homes in the town were approved.

Blakeney Estates Ltd wants to demolish a bungalow and build housing on land to the west of Everton Road.

But the project failed to impress resident Tina Arnold-Winch, who recently inherited a property in Everton Road from her late father.

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“I am so glad he’s not here to see this take place,” she told Central Bedfordshire Council’s development management committee on Wednesday.

“Nobody seems to care about the human cost of those of us directly affected by the new development,” she added.

Richard Murdoch, for the applicant, said: “The site is modest and well related to the existing development in this part of Potton.”

The development was also taken to task by independent Potton councillor Adam Zerny.

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“It is very much outside of the settlement envelope. Development here will cause significant harm to the character and appearance of the area, in terms of its impact on Potton.”

The plans are contrary to several planning policies, he explained. “If we approve one development right on the edge the owners of the field next to it will apply for planning permission, and it will creep gradually further and further. This site was unwanted in the Local Plan. It was not included,” he added.