Learning while earning money is a great deal

Apprenticeships are an excellent way to learn skills on the job and avoid the debt of university.
Apprentices Sarah Kerr and Ellen RomeoApprentices Sarah Kerr and Ellen Romeo
Apprentices Sarah Kerr and Ellen Romeo

This week these practical career paths are being celebrated in National Apprenticeship Week. The Crown in Henlow is one business with a focus on apprentices.

Ellen Romeo, 29,has worked in pubs since leaving school and she was recently given the opportunity to complete a Level Two Food and Beverages apprenticeship. Now an assistant manager, she is now working on a Level Three Hospitality, Supervision and Leadership apprenticeship with HIT Training.

Ellen, from Shefford, said: “It was wonderful to get a qualification while at work. I’m not an office kind of girl – I love this industry. I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship. When I was younger I left school and worked to get money to fund my weekend.

“I wish when I was younger I’d had something like HIT. I’d have loved to have worked and gained qualifications.”

The Crown has several apprentices both in the front of house and in the kitchen. They are all supervised by HIT Training. The kitchen apprentices are now working on Level Three Professional Cookery.

Head chef Hendrik Dutson said: “Working with HIT Training gives the members of my team the opportunity to turn their skills into recognised vocations.

“NVQs at work represent for me the best of both worlds. The employer has young, enthusiastic and eager team members working for them and in return we share our experiences and knowledge to help with the apprentices’ personal development.”

For more about HIT visit www.hittraining.co.uk

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