FARMING MATTERS: Buy British farmers’ food

There is a crisis facing British farmers, and the public is being called upon to support the industry by trying to buy British when out shopping.
Cows at the farm gateCows at the farm gate
Cows at the farm gate

No one likes being dictated to, and a lot of us enjoy the exotic foreign foods that are now regularly available in our country.

But if there is a choice between buying British beef, lamb, butter, cheese and milk, or exactly the same product from another country, I always support our farmers.

The price that farmers are receiving for lamb and milk in particular is way down and the reasons for this are multiple and complex.

This is such a massive subject, and one which I cannot give justice to in such a short column.

Factors include the strength of the pound against the Euro making it difficult for us to export; trade blocks as sanctions are in place preventing us from selling to certain parts of the world; and a general downfall in consumption in this country.

Following the world wars it was the aim of government to ensure we became as self sufficient as possible. Agriculture worked hard to improve production and quantity. Now, at a time of relative peace, food is bought and sold across the globe and we all benefit. But losing these markets can create big problems.

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