John Pilgrim: Winter is coming, and I’m not looking forward to it

SO here we are in September and still searching for a decent period of sunshine to replace the deluges we have been experiencing.

It’s sad to say that I anticipate the oncoming winter with considerable foreboding. Cold weather, snow, ice and frost do not excite me the way they once did. I do anticipate Christmas with some hope though, mainly because I am an optimist by nature and I can’t imagine how things can get much worse!

I’m probably wrong because we hear such a lot about how young people in the future will have little hope of owning their own home and a vast number of our society having to scrabble around to pay for every day items in the supermarkets.

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We are really not being best served by the big food chains – they seem to do just as they like without taking peoples’ views on board as prices go up almost every day.

As for the previous government’s performance in the area of affordable housing, it’s not being bettered by the current lot, which says something about politics in this country of ours.

I am really beginning to wonder if the ordinary men and women get listened to at all these days.

When you look up sites for large building companies you will see wonderful new sites being erected to supply a miserable number of affordable properties situated among a load of four, five and six bedroom homes, which are offered at thousands of pounds too much for any ordinary person to be able to afford.

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It’s difficult enough for the older members of our society to survive but it must be a worry if you are looking to get married and start a family.

Come to think of it you don’t really have to feel the need to get married to have kids these days!

I will leave you now while I ponder what to buy the family for Christmas, a cut price food hamper maybe or basket of unripe fruit from the supermarket perhaps?

Whatever I decide the dog is asleep on the sofa without a worry in the world.

Of course she doesn’t realise that balls are beginning to go up in price so to keep on losing them on her walks is not a good idea!

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