Yes we will remember them

Dr Rob MarshallDr Rob Marshall
Dr Rob Marshall
We'll soon be seeing the poppy sellers in towns across Sussex. It's that time of the year.

Remembering those who gave everything in the name of peace.

But before that, we have a chance to remember all those who have been special to us in our own lives. Churches celebrate All Saints and All Souls in a few days time.

All Saints is obvious. It's a time to give thanks for the women and men who the church recognises as having performed such works and shown such faith as to give them this honour. Churches across Sussex are named after them... St Andrew, St George, St Patrick and St David to name but a few!

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But All Souls gets lost. Partly because, to be honest, the commercialisation of Halloween has piggy-backed on the back of it.

Rather than being scared of spirits marauding around us, All Souls commemorates all of our loved ones who have run the race of life and are now at rest.

Many churches make lists of people who the faithful want remembering publicly so that their lives and example and influence on us can be celebrated. Candles are lit. Memories are cherished.

It's a very special time...this remembering time. We are so worried sometimes about what lies ahead that we forget the blessings of those now at peace who mean SO much to us. Yes, we will remember them.

Faith Matters:

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During half-term, Chichester Cathedral is hosting another family fun day. On Friday 28th October, from 10am – 3pm, there are all sorts of activities under the theme of: ‘Stars and Space’ 321 blast off!

Create your own rocket or space ship and collage a solar system! Search for stars and celestial shapes on the Cathedral trail. The cost is £2.50 per child, there’s no need to book just drop in.

All Saints Church Lindfield is hosting wife and husband duo Elin Manahan Thomas and Robert Davies performing a gala concert of Opera Arias and classical favourites. The event takes place on Saturday 29th October at 7.30pm and is organised by Tiger Arts which organises musical, artistic, literary, dramatic and other artistic events within the context of a worshipping and witnessing church. Tickets are £15/£12 available from the church office on 01444 482405 or from