Author from Broom publishes crime thriller In the Big Scheme of Things

'What's interesting about this is that I left the story very much open to the reader's imagination'

By Joanna Gravett
Thursday, 20th January 2022, 12:19 pm
Updated Thursday, 20th January 2022, 12:20 pm

An author from Broom has published his first novel, In the Big Scheme of Things.

Kevin Macan-Lind, 65, is inviting readers to take a journey through the pages of his crime thriller, which features two characters whose lives become entwined.

Readers will meet writer David Jones and DS Paul Craven, both of whom "try to balance the achievement of their aims alongside a deepening involvement with the important women in their lives" - and end up in places they'd never imagined.

In the Big Scheme of Things and (right) Kevin with his new book.

Kevin said: "There are two main protagonists that emerge in this plot, one of whom is keen to get his book published and gets embroiled in a police investigation, while the person he's been dealing with gets drawn into the world of murder, trying to bring down a branch of the European Mafia.

"There's various different sides to the story and a possible involvement with Hollywood, as the publisher is trying to get David to write a particular treatment for something that might get filmed for a movie."

Chronicle Country readers may recognise several places in the book including St Andrew's Churchyard, Bedford Hospital and Bedfordshire Police Headquarters, Kempston.

Kevin also went from 'write what you know', to researching areas that were unfamiliar, including the policing system and hierarchy, criminal law and medical science.

He said: "What's interesting about this is that I left the story very much open to the reader's imagination, to take it where they want to take it.

"I've got people asking, 'Well, what happens next?' My intention was not really to write a sequel but who knows?

"I could fairly simply pick up the story and run with it."

Kevin sent the book to fifteen publishers and was delighted when he received his first reply from i2iPublishing.

He later received another six offers, and encourages any new writers to keep going and believe in their work.

Kevin said: "The first book publisher that came back to me said that they really liked it and that it was exactly what people need.

"I think in the times we find ourselves in people are a little bit down and miserable, and sadly some people have had loss in their lives. It could be that this is something different, and that people will find enjoyment through it."

Friends have remarked that Kevin's personality and "dry, wry" sense of humour has come through, and he acknowledges that there is "some of" himself in the character David.

The author didn't plan the ending or intend to write a crime-thriller, as it allowed him the freedom to develop the characters, but in contrast, his second novel is all planned out.

Kevin added: "My next book is set in 1936 and there's a lot happening in terms of politics, Hollywood and the Olympics..."

The author blames his busy career (from banking and regional newspapers to running his own magazine publishing and event management company) for his late venture in story writing.

However, luckily the book gained positive reviews on Amazon and his wife, Linda, is also a fan.

She told the Chronicle: "I was very pleased because he really enjoyed it, and when I read the story I kept looking forward to reading more and going back to it."

And Linda may well have manuscripts to read in the future, as after the story set in 1936 is finished, Kevin could well write a sequel to his first novel!

>In the Big Scheme of Things is available from eBay, Amazon, and all good book stores.

You can connect with Kevin Macan-Lind on LinkedIn.