Biggleswade tattoo and piercing studio Pictures of Lily buys life-saving defibrillator for town

'I think there should be one on every street corner'

Wednesday, 11th August 2021, 4:23 pm

A kindhearted Biggleswade businesswoman has purchased a defibrillator for her building which could one day save someone's life.

Bex Harris, owner of Pictures of Lily Tattoo and Piercing Studio, bought the equipment after being inspired by a recent first aid course.

Bex learnt that by using a defibrillator before an ambulance arrives, you can significantly increase someone’s chances of survival, so the selfless businesswoman paid for one out of her own pocket.

Pictures of Lily

Bex told the Chronicle: "Because we are members of the UK Professional Piercing Association we have to have a first aid qualification which includes CPR. I was doing my recap which is with St John Ambulance and they talked about defibrillators and resuscitation as part of the course.

"It just inspired me. I thought there aren't that many around, and for the purpose they serve, they are reasonably priced.

"It's something that could help a lot of people and I think there should be one on every street corner."

Bex's defibrillator is now on the side of her studio on Hitchin Street, and she would like to say a big thank you to electricians Clive Hurrell and Dean Botham for fitting it.

And emphasising how important the equipment is, she discovered that a defibrillator once saved Dean's life when he suffered a cardiac arrest.

Bex added: "Everyone has been really supportive and a lot of people have said thank you for doing it for our small town.

"My Dad had a heart attack as did my granddad and uncle, and in my family there's a lot of heart disease and stuff like that; it's something I feel is really important and I wish more businesses would look in to getting a defibrillator."

A defibrillator's full name is an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and it can give a casualty’s heart an electric shock (when it has stopped beating normally) in a sudden cardiac arrest.

The equipment works by checking the casualty's heart rhythm once the defibrillator pads are placed on someone's chest and giving them a shock if needed.

They can be used on adults or children over one year old.

Encouraging people to learn first aid or consider buying a defibrillator, Bex said: "There's more to first aid that learning about cardiac arrests; I think certainly in the workplace it's important that your staff are aware of how to deal with certain medical conditions. It could save someone's life be it a member of the public or your own staff.

"If you are a business that is thinking about investing in a defibrillator, they are worth ten times the amount of money you pay for them if they save someone's life."

If you or your business would be interested in purchasing a defibrillator, email: [email protected] or contact Pictures of Lily on social media.

Bex is happy to put you in touch with people who can help you, and would like to say a big thank you to St John Ambulance for her training.

The businesswoman is also looking into running a free CPR and first aid workshop in her studio, so watch this space.