Dog that needs artificial tears waits for her forever home after almost a year at Sussex rescue centre

A Sharpei Cross that needs artificial tears is looking for her forever home after spending almost a year at a rescue centre.

By Sol Buckner
Saturday, 4th September 2021, 8:51 am

Shevvi, who is aged seven, arrived at The Kit Wilson Trust Animal Rescue Centre in Hadlow Down near Uckfield in October last year.

She had horrendous and painful ears with a chronic condition that had remained untreated for years and had to undergo two operations which involved closing the ear canal so that future infections would no longer be an issue.

Unfortunately, the operations meant working close to nerves in her face and after the second operation her blinking reflex didn't return after the expected six weeks.

Shevvi the Sharpei cross is waiting for her forever home. Photo: Kit Wilson Trust

This means that she needs to have artificial tears put in her right eye four times a day but they are not expensive drops costing around £1 per tube. She is now able to blink in her left eye.

A spokesperson for the trust said: "Shevvi is so lovely. She is a sweetheart.

"I think she would be a good family pet and has a nice temperament.

"It's so hard at night time when we all go home and snuggle up with our dogs and we leave have to leave dogs like Shevvi behind at the centre.

"It's been almost a year since she came to us which is a long time for any pet to be on their own."

If you would be interested in offering Shevvi a home please call the KWT Rescue Centre on 01825 830444