Electric vehicle charging points coming to Sandy town centre

Sandy town centre. Picture: Tony MargiocchiSandy town centre. Picture: Tony Margiocchi
Sandy town centre. Picture: Tony Margiocchi
Council hopes it will help more residents switch to electric

Electric vehicle charging points are set to come to Sandy town centre thanks to a partnership between the town council and Central Bedfordshire Council.

There will be four 7kw charging points over eight parking bays and three 50kw rapid charging points over six bays. Funding has come from grants and BP Pulse.

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While the 7kw charging points are primarily for people who live in the area, they are also available for people working in the town centre. Meanwhile the rapid chargers can be used by shoppers.

Sandy Town Council Mayor Joanna Hewitt said, “This council is looking forward to working with CBC on this project to provide a vital service for our residents and visitors from surrounding villages.

“Due to the large number of houses in Sandy not having off-street parking, their options of purchasing electric vehicles are limited. By providing this service we hope that more residents will make the choice to go electric.”