Mums and babies invited to take part in photographer's fundraising photoshoot for St John's Hospice in Moggerhanger

Phoebe Berridge has relaunched the project and hopes to raise £500

By Joanna Gravett
Wednesday, 12th May 2021, 4:08 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th May 2021, 4:08 pm

A kindhearted photographer from Sandy is relaunching her 100 Mums and Babies project to raise much-needed funds for St John's Hospice Moggerhanger.

Phoebe Berridge, 25, who runs a studio in Ickwell, is hoping mothers and their little ones will take up the initiative to help make special memories and support the charity.

The determined photographer started the project during summer last year, raising £360, and she is now on a mission to reach her minimum target of £500.

Phoebe, left; and right, mum Catlin and her little one. Photos: Phoebe Berridge Photography.

Phoebe told the Chronicle: "In lockdown last year, St John's were really struggling. They are pretty much just based off public donations, so with Covid-19 it was really tough.

"With them being a local charity, I've had clients that have had grandparents stay there, and family and friends who have had people stay there. They've seen how amazing they are.

"During the first few months of 100 Mums and Babies we were really busy. We had 36 people sign up in the end, and I managed to run it up until October. Then we had another lockdown.

"I think more and more people are taking the time to do family things and I'd love to raise a minimum of £500."

Beth Wilson and her little one. Photos: Phoebe Berridge Photography.

Phoebe's decision to offer the opportunity to mothers and their children came about due to a survey she ran, revealing that mums usually end up behind the lens in family photos, rather than in the picture.

Mums who have grown up children are also very welcome to take part, and Phoebe is also considering running a Dads and Babies project in future.

She told the Chronicle: "Because we are holding the photo shoot outside I think it helps the mums, because they are not in a studio environment with a white background.

"We're outside and it's a more natural environment where we can have fun; for example, Mum can run around with her little one.

"It's a great opportunity to get natural, candid shots outside without the pressure of being told to 'stand here and pose', while supporting your local charity at the same time."

The 100 Mums and Babies photoshoot costs £50, £10 of which will be donated to St John's Hospice, Moggerhanger.

You will receive five digital files and one 7x5 ins print, with Phoebe believing that the print is important to include as families sometimes don't get round to printing digital files.

She concluded: "I enjoy meeting the different families and interacting with people of different age groups. My clients come back yearly and and it's lovely to see how the little ones have grown and changed.

"With 100 Mums and Babies, it's nice to interact with people at a safe distance and meet new clients as well. I've already had three or four come back from last year which has been lovely."

The businesswoman runs Phoebe Berridge Photography, based on Caldecote Road, Ickwell, and holds an LMPA qualification (Licentiate Master Photographers Association). She also holds her Newborn Accreditation for newborn safety and posing with the MPA.

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