Notice to be served on Travellers on land by roundabout near Stotfold

The Travellers have parked on land near Eliot Way roundaboutThe Travellers have parked on land near Eliot Way roundabout
The Travellers have parked on land near Eliot Way roundabout
Homeowners have been asked not to approach a small Traveller encampment parked on privately owned land.

The Chronicle has been told a notice to leave is to be served on the Travellers who arrived earlier this week and were expected to leave today (Thursday).

Residents have been assured that the encampment will not be joined by other caravans and that “no rubbish will be left behind”.

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Police have been informed but say the matter is being dealt with by Central Beds Council (CBC).

A spokesperson for Fairfield Parish Council explained: ”The parish council is aware that two caravans have taken up residency in Fairfield on the Eliot Way land by the roundabout. This has been reported to CBC who are taking the appropriate action and notice will be served shortly. It has also been reported to the police.

“This land is managed by FHMC (Fairfield Hall Management Company) and some of the directors have been assured they will only be there until today (Thursday) and that no other caravans will be joining them. The Travellers have also assured them that they will not leave any rubbish when they leave.

“FHMC have also advised that they will continue to monitor them to confirm no additional vehicles arrive or they become a nuisance to any resident.

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“FHMC have stated that their aim is to deal with the situation as amicably as possible and have asked that the leaseholders do not approach them as the directors are dealing with the situation. The parish council support this action and requests that all residents avoid approaching the travellers.”

A spokesperson for Central Beds Council said: “Our officers visited the site yesterday and carried out a welfare assessment with the families.

“The encampment is on privately owned land and responsibility therefore lies with the landowner. We can provide guidance if requested and officers have spoken to the owner.

“The families have not requested any further assistance with regards to health, welfare or education. If such requests are made, then the relevant referrals and support is given for the families to be able to access those services needed.

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“Our standard practice does not include providing welfare facilities to encampments, except when the encampment is on council-owned land where we will provide refuse bags and organise waste collection once an encampment has vacated.”