P J A Carpentry comes back to Biggleswade

P J A Carpentry moves headquarters back to Biggleswade
P J A Carpentry moves headquarters back to Biggleswade

A businessman from Biggleswade has brought his business back to the town after nearly a decade away.

Paul Albone, 54, has moved the headquarters for P J A Carpentry Ltd back to Biggleswade with the extensive renovation and refurbishment of the former Lee Valley Dairies Buildings on Shortmead Street.

He started in business with a partner firstly in rented offices above what was then Saxongate Tyres, then after several years was able to purchase the redundant Spread Eagle Public House in Potton Road to expand further.

However, with difficult times in the building industry in 2009/2010 leading to the collapse of several major building companies they were working with, they were forced to close and sell their premises to cover their debts.

Paul and his business partner were mindful of the loyalty and commitment shown to them over the years and proceeded separately with new businesses to keep their previous workforce.

This resulted in Paul renting an office in Heddings Farm, Wyboston, and starting from scratch.

When the opportunity came to purchase 99 Shortmead Street it was the golden opportunity to move back to Biggleswade with offices to suit the now established company and move forward.

Paul said: “With these new premises, it is now a good foundation to build and stabilise the company with the opportunity to grow and offer a secure future to all the loyal people who have supported us over the years.”

The company now has approximately 140 carpenters/apprentices on the payroll and work involves all site carpentry work on new build houses and flats.

The operating area ranges from Buckingham in the west to Newmarket in the east, and Stamford in the north to Potters Bar in the south.

Paul Cross, 68, company director, said: “It is good to be back and this is it now, we are settling down here.

“We were in just a farmyard before, this is much better for us and there are more facilities here.”