CBC 'backs down' on plans to remove public parking in Potton

There were proposals to remove parking spaces on Brookfields, the road next to Potton Doctor's surgery.

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 1:15 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 1:16 pm

Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) has "backed down" on plans to remove public parking in Potton after opposition from local residents and councillors.

In March, CBC announced proposals to remove parking spaces on Brookfields, the road next to Potton Doctor's surgery. The plans were not supported by Potton Town Council or ward councillors.

On the first map entitled 'Before', the parking lost was marked in yellow, while the red areas were to remain unrestricted parking. The blue marks were the entrances to people's driveways.

Before; After

Independent Central Beds and Potton Town Councillor, Adam Zerny, told the Chronicle that CBC did not offer any new parking to replace the parking it proposed to remove, and that these restrictions would have removed much of the streetside parking from Brookfields.

Cllr Zerny said: "The council has backed down and abandoned plans to remove parking on Brookfields.

"I pointed out at the time that it was a very odd move to restrict parking in an area which was considered useful overflow parking for those who find it difficult to walk too far, when they are visiting the Doctors' surgery and find nearby car parks full. It would also presumably have been an inconvenience for people living in Brookfields if anyone visiting them has nowhere left to park in the street.

"I encouraged residents to get involved in the consultation and many did.


"CBC has now agreed that the only areas which will be restricted in future are the few metres around the corners, and the areas across the driveways."

This is illustrated the map marked 'After', where all areas marked green or red are unrestricted parking.

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokeswoman, said: “Following consultation with key stakeholders, a decision was made at our Traffic Management Meeting to remove some sections of double yellow lines along Brookfields Road in Potton, to allow for additional parking opportunities in the area.”

More detailed information about the Traffic Management Meeting can be viewed on the council website: https://centralbedfordshire.app.box.com/s/6gkog4b7b92ilmbc7vefu7bv1julhglt/folder/137365816369