Sign up for Sandy's community emergency plan if you could help out in a crisis

Town council wants to hear from people with a particular set of skills...
Sandy Town CouncilSandy Town Council
Sandy Town Council

Would you be able to help in a crisis?

Sandy Town Council is putting together a list of contacts for its community emergency plan – and is looking for people with skills or resources that would be useful in an emergency.

These include charities based in the community; gardeners, generator owners, police community support officers, farmers, firefighters, doctors and nurses, hairdressers, and local store or supermarket managers.

It also wants organisations to get on board including faith groups or faith buildings, the GP surgery, post office, schools, charity shops, cafes restaurants and takeaways, the village hall, care home, garden centres and Neighbourhood Watch groups.

Becoming a contact for the emergency plan means that in the event of an emergency you'd be notified via WhattsApp to help play a pivotal role in helping to get urgent support to the community.

To sign up email [email protected] with your name, telephone number (linked to WhatsApp), address and consent to be added to the WhatsApp group.

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