There are the candidates standing for election for Central Bedfordshire Council and town and parish councils in the Biggleswade area

Polling day is May 4Polling day is May 4
Polling day is May 4
Don’t forget you’ll need photo ID to vote in person

A shake-up in some ward names and boundaries for the Central Bedfordshire Council local elections sees Biggleswade divided into east and west this May, instead of north and south.

Voters across the district are due to elect 63 CBC councillors to represent 31 wards.

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In Arlesey and Fairfield, Nick Andrews and Tudor Fox represent the Labour Party, Jilleane Brown and Ian Dalgarno contest for the Conservatives, Jodie Chillery and Nicola Harris are Independent candidates, and Neil Stevenson stands for the Liberal Democrats.

In Biggleswade East, Grant Fage and Mark Foster represent the Conservatives, Jacob Holland-Lindsay stands for the Liberal Democrats, Alistair Nelson is a Green Party candidate, Andrew Skilton and George Tookey contest for Labour, and Mollie Smy and Gareth Tranter are Independent candidates.

In Biggleswade West, Natalie Ashton, Paul Burgin and Julian Vaughan contest for Labour; Ian Bond, Sarju Patel and Madeline Russell represent the Conservatives; Tommy Godfrey stands for the Liberal Democrats; and Paul How, Steven Watkins and Hayley Whitaker are Independent candidates.

In Clifton, Henlow and Longford, Laura Abbott, Kevin O’Daly and Vipulkumar Patel represent Labour; Linda Fuller is a Green Party candidate; David Mann stands for the Liberal Democrats; and Drew Richardson, David Shelvey and Richard Wenham contest for the Conservatives.

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Northill ward is contested by Paul Daniels for the Conservatives, Andrew Harland for Labour and Simon Sheridan standing as an Independent candidate.

In Potton, Rhiannon Barrow and Robert Cheesewright represent Labour, Rebecca Beattie is a Green Party candidate, Robert Pullinger and Suzanne Worboys stand for the Conservatives, with Tracey Wye and Adam Zerny contesting as Independent candidates.

In Sandy, Nigel Aldis stands as a Liberal Democrat; Sue Bell, Simon Ford and Robert Pashby are Independent candidates; Morgan Gilling, Joanna Hewitt and Caroline Maudlin represent the Conservatives; and Andy King, Wendy Mott and Matthew Yardley contest for the Labour Party.

In Shefford, Tony Brown and Mark Liddiard contest for the Conservative Party, Jack Moore stands as a Liberal Democrat, and Jack Risbridger and John Tizard represent Labour.

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In Stotfold, Satinderjit Dahliwal and Helen Whitewick stand for the Labour Party, Steven Dixon and Josie Richardson represent the Conservatives, Rachel McGann is standing as a Liberal Democrat and Kathryn Woodfine contests as an Independent candidate.

At town and parish level, in Arlesey, the candidates are Pauline Arkle, Ian Dalgarno, Steve Hamilton, James Hooker, Derek Page, Thom Pang, Simon Spoor and Neil Stevenson.

In Biggleswade Ivel, David Albone, Gary Barrett, Ian Bond, Sarju Patel, Madeline Russell and Andrew Skilton are the candidates.

In Henlow, Sarah Bartiromo, Richard Brown, Mark Cooper, Gordon Grove, Philip Jewell, Michele Joy, Paul Meddes, Paul Rogers, David Shelvey, James Stirling, Phillip Venables, Richard Wenham and Robert Wenham are the candidates.

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And Tina Beaumont-Goddard, Adrian Besant, Chris Bettles, Steve Cooney, Simon Fraser, Sam Knott, Joseph Lawrence and David Sutton are the candidates in Tempsford.

Some other wards are uncontested, so Michael North, Sabeel Sajid, Duncan Strachan, Colin Thomas and Jonathan Woodhead are elected in Biggleswade Holme, while Mark Foster, Pierre Guilcher, Agnew Inessa and Mark Knight are elected in Biggleswade Stratton.

In Campton and Chicksands, Charles Ash, David Baker, Paul Booton, Joe Longson, Daniel Sibley, Kate Turton and John Wootton are elected.

In Clifton, already elected are Deryck Cheyne, Adrian Cree, Amy Gardiner, Janice Gunner, Joe Hardy, Steve Langton, Barry Livesey, Pauline Livesey, Hugh Maisey, Rupert Puritz and Mike Talbot.

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Gary Besant, Alastair Campbell, Peter Dixon, Timothy Fowler, Julie Hills and Danielle Turner are elected in Dunton.

Les Alexander, Abigail Chipperfield, Dave Doune, Andrew Fawcett-Wolf, Elaine Messina and Andy Simpson are elected in Everton.

In Fairfield, Nick Andrews, Marcia Epstein, Anthony Hopkins, Neil Jones, Anna Papakosta, Nicholas Reynolds and Tracey Riley are elected.

In Langford, Michael Beazley, Barbs Hammonds, Drew Richardson, Joan Rutt, John Shipman, David Williams and Jane Wright are elected.

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In Northill, Andy Field-Webber, Graham Hopton, Jim Kent, Richard Maudlin and David Milton are elected.

Susan Carrie, Manjit Chodha, Adrian Groves, Simon Maynard, Joshua Rumball and Matthew Studdert-Kennedy are elected in Old Warden.

In Potton, already elected are Charles Craig, John Day, Leane Fox, Andy Gibb, Vicki Gwilliam, John Hobbs, Andrew Inkersole, Carol Leggatt, Angus MacDonald, Daniel Norman, Jon Price Williams and Adam Zerny.

In Sandy Beeston ward, Michael Scott is elected, with Paul Sharman and Nicholas Thompson in Sandy Fallowfield, Nigel Aldis, Robert Lacey and Martin Pettitt in Sandy Ivel, and Joanna Hewitt, Ruth Lock, Anthony Lock, Colin Osborne and Susan Sutton in Sandy Pinnacle.

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In Shefford, Tony Dawson, Den Fensome, Roger Fowler, Mark Greenwood, Lisa Hayes, Nicola King, Paul Mackin, Steve Nash, Jez Perkins, Ken Pollard, Elsa Tattersfield and Fred Wilson are all elected.

In Southill ward, Allan Jepson, Nico Rodenburg and Amanda Strong are elected with Nick Baldwin, Anthony Barber-Lomax, Simon Hall, Susan Jones and Marion Richardson in Southill Broom, and Stephen Cakebread, Nick Hickman and Margaret Rook in Southill Stanford.

In Stotfold, Liz Anderson, Talvinder Bhasin, Steve Buck, Mary Cooper, Satinderjit Dhaliwal, Andrew Hall, Stephen Hayes, Jane Hyde, Danny Matthews, Brian Saunders, Jonathan Smith, John Talbot and Helen Wightwick are elected.

Roger Bunker, Maurice Compton, Sharn Elton, John Ream, Stefan Senger and Peter Shawley are elected in Sutton.

And Lorna Chapman, Julie Dix, Andy Ewens, James Kirkpatrick and Marc Wilson are elected already in Wrestlingworth and Cockayne Hatley.

Polling is on Thursday, May 4.