Gamlingay resident blasts Royal Mail after receiving letters for addresses in Sandy, Tempsford and Great Gransden

A letter not meant for the Gamlingay address.
A letter not meant for the Gamlingay address.

A frustrated resident of Church Street in Gamlingay has blasted the Royal Mail after mistakenly receiving post for pretty much every other Church Street in Chronicle country for the past two years.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that as well as countless wrongly delivered letters, she is also concerned that her own mail may have gone astray.

The TV licence.

The TV licence.

She told the Chronicle that she sometimes receives two letters a week not intended for her, and has also missed several copies of her Private Eye and Radio Times magazines.

Although the letters turning up were addressed to Church Street, they were actually intended for recipients with the same house number in other SG19 post codes, even though the correct town or village names were always written on the envelopes.

The woman claimed: “I experienced a significant problem with my mail.

“Sometimes I would receive letters which weren’t for me once or twice a week at its peak. Then other times it wouldn’t happen for a while. It was very sporadic.

“I have received perhaps 20 pieces of mail for Church Streets in Sandy, Tempsford, and Great Gransden in the last few months.

“I suspect that my mail is sometimes going astray too; what’s happening to other people’s letters is probably happening to mine.

“I’m not aware of any banking letters [that I’ve missed], I keep a really careful tally, but it’s difficult to prove.”

The woman says that she complained several times to the Sandy sorting office, who then directed her to the Royal Mail website.

She claims she contacted them several times, before receiving a message to say that the issue had been alerted to the manager of the delivery office.

The woman alleged: “I think it is something breaking down in the Sandy sorting office.

“It must be a person making an error - around 40 per cent of the letters I receive for other people are printed, so it’s not about somebody being unable to read the handwriting. If a machine was reading the postcode, surely it would read the second half of the [SG19] code?

“It must be a human error.”

The woman is now keen to know if any other residents have had problems.

She concluded: “It’s a bit worrying - I once received somebody’s TV licence! I also wonder, are people binning my letters? This is all about privacy.”

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: “Every item of mail is important to Royal Mail.

“We have now put in place a number of steps to ensure the recipient is receiving only the correct items of mail for their address.

“This includes daily checks by the Delivery Office Manager.

“Any customers with concerns about their mail should contact our Customer Services team via, on Twitter @RoyalMailHelp or by calling 03457 740 740.”

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