Labour names its candidate for Mid Bedfordshire by-election after Nadine Dorries quits

Alistair StrathernAlistair Strathern
Alistair Strathern
Alistair Strathern has been selected as Labour’s candidate for the Mid Beds by-election

Labour has announced its candidate for the Mid Bedfordshire by-election after Tony Nadine Dorries announced that she was quitting.

Alistair Strathern is a climate expert for a financial regulator and a former teacher. He has served as a councillor and has a track record of delivering for his residents – from fixing up housing to delivering new youth centres and free breakfast provision.

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Alistair, who grew up in Bedfordshire and who Labour says has maintained strong links in the community, has already been out on the doorstep speaking to voters this week and says he is excited to make the case for a full-time, hard-working Labour MP for Mid Bedfordshire.

Speaking after his selection, Alistair Strathern said: “I am absolutely delighted to have been selected as Labour’s candidate for the Mid Bedfordshire by-election.

“Bedfordshire’s towns and villages are where I grew up, where I first found work, and where my parents and many of my friends have built their lives.

People here have been completely overlooked by a Tory government too busy fighting amongst themselves to address the issues that really matter. Under the Tories, we face a cost of living crisis, a collapse in rural policing, spiralling mortgage costs, and thousands of people in Mid Beds waiting for over a month for a GP appointment.

“The people of Mid Bedfordshire deserve better. They deserve a full-time, hard working MP who puts their needs first, and that’s exactly what I will be offering them in this by-election.”