Mid Bedfordshire MP will stand in new Hitchin constituency at general election

Alistair StrathernAlistair Strathern
Alistair Strathern
Mid Bedfordshire will have a new MP at the General Election as Labour MP Alistair Strathern will stand in a different constituency

Mid Bedfordshire will have a new MP at the General Election after Labour MP Alistair Strathern announced he’s going to stand in the new Hitchin Constituency.

Strathern currently lives in Shefford with his partner Megan, but following boundary changes, Shefford will be in the Hitchin constituency when the General Election is called.

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Strathern told the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS) that it would be “entirely disingenuous” to stand for Mid Beds while remaining living in Shefford.

“But having spoken at such great length about how important it is for MPs to live in the community, I think it would be entirely inconsistent and unfair to stand in an area where I was no longer living.

“So having spent the last month agonising about the decision with Megan, we’ve decided that we’re going to stay in Shefford, and that’s been confirmed by the party,” he said.

Strathern said he will be continuing to work hard for constituents across Mid Bedfordshire while he remains as the MP.

The next general election is set to take place this year, with the latest it can be held being January 2025.