Petition hopes to ban HGVs from main roads in Potton, Sandy and Biggleswade

Resident says cars and vans often mount pavements to avoid oncoming HGVs
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A petition has been started to ban HGVs from taking shortcuts on the main roads which run through Potton, Sandy and Biggleswade.

The campaign launched following concerns about the huge vehicles posing safety risks on smaller streets, and leaving residents in "very frightening" situations. It also seeks similar HGV bans to be extended to the villages of Everton, Wrestlingworth, Eyeworth, Sutton and Dunton, with Central Bedfordhire Council (CBC) stating that it will be "happy" to consider the petition at its Traffic Management Meeting. The petition also notes that any such provision would not be able to apply to vehicles delivering to the area in question or driving to or from a base in the area.

Potton resident, Lynn Fox, said: "I live on King Street which is the B1040 and was compelled to get in touch with my local councillors when I saw these huge HGVs coming by. It's really very frightening. It's an old Georgian town; the pavements are tiny, so you are very near to passing traffic.

A large HGV passing while Lynn walks her dog. Right: A lorry and a school bus meet. Image: Lynn Fox.A large HGV passing while Lynn walks her dog. Right: A lorry and a school bus meet. Image: Lynn Fox.
A large HGV passing while Lynn walks her dog. Right: A lorry and a school bus meet. Image: Lynn Fox.

"It's a difficult situation because you have these huge lorries which can't get out of the way because of some of the parked cars. I've seen a school bus come one way and a lorry coming the other. The school bus mounted the pavement because there was nowhere else to go!"

Lynn believes the lorry drivers are following SatNav 'shorter route' diversions, instead of sticking to wider A roads. And she says cars and vans often mount the pavements to avoid the vehicles.

She added: "You have these huge HGVs coming down a residential street – schoolchildren coming by, mums with pushchairs. My mum is 90 and still likes to walk into town with her trolley."

Lynn has started the petition in conjunction with Potton Town and CBC Councillor, Adam Zerny, and the support of Potton Town Council.

Councillor Zerny said: "This is not intended as a criticism of HGV drivers who perform a vital role in today's society. This is about the companies who have not taken the appropriate steps to ensure properly-planned routes that avoid small villages and towns."

CBC Councillor Simon Ford (Sandy) added: “We need HGV’s to deliver all of our goods and products but we also need to reduce the amount that go through our current High Streets and minor roads for the safety of residents. We have far to many going through Sandy High Street and Blunham, they should be using the major road network we have and not filling up our towns and villages. Hopefully we can work with CBC and businesses to reduce the HGV impact in our area”

A CBC spokeswoman said: "Biggleswade, Potton and Sandy currently don’t have any Area Wide Weight Limits in place. Once this petition is submitted, we would be happy to review and consider it at our Traffic Management Meeting.”

The petition closing date is April 28. To sign, visit CBC's website and search for e-petitons.

You can also sign at this link.