Road safety: Log on to get set for winter on roads

Road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists has launched a new website,, to help motorists prepare their cars and drive them safely this winter.

The site also contains traffic updates and weather forecasts.

Tips include how to cope with conditions including rain, snow, ice, fog and wind – everything you can expect in a typically unpredictable British winter.

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Winter’s more treacherous driving conditions cause an increase in accident rates:

l The rate of accidents amongst car users is 9.4 per cent higher in winter months (November-February) than the normal monthly average[i]

l Slippery roads contributed to 20,003 road casualties in 2010, and related to 118 fatalities

l Vision impaired by rain, sleet, snow, or fog contributed to 2,328 accidents in 2010, resulting in 3,318 casualties and 20 fatalities.

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l IAM spokesperson Caroline Holmes said: “The number of serious crashes on Britain’s roads is reducing and we want to see that trend continue.

“When the weather’s bad motorists should always question whether they need to go out at all.

“Our website will help drivers make the right decision, prepare for winter and enjoy their driving, but do it safely.”

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