Spraylor Swift and Sir Melt n Gone - the gritters keeping Central Bedfordshire's roads clear this winter

There's a definite musical theme going on here...

By Laura Hutchinson
Friday, 3rd December 2021, 1:47 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd December 2021, 1:54 pm

As the temperature drops you're bound to see one of Central Beds Council's gritters making its stately progress through the streets.

But did you know that each of the gritters has its own name - as chosen by the public?

There's no Gritty McGritface though - as they all have distinctly musical names.

Central Beds Council's musically named gritters will be helping to keep the roads clear

Leo Sprayer

Named, of course, after Leo Sayer. Knowing it's keeping the roads clear may make you feel like dancing - careful though.

Doris Spray

Named after the singer and actress Doris Day - and hopefully once it's been through you won't end up being a Calamity Jane.

Is this Sleetwood Mac? Or Jennifer Snowpez?

Status Snow

Named in honour of Status Quo. It might not be Rockin' All Over The World - but it will be rockin' all over Central Beds.


What's the Story (Morning Glory) behind this one? It's Definitely Maybe named after Manchester rock band Oasis.

Sir Melt n Gone

Reg Dwight is harder to get a pun out of, so Sir Elton John gets the credit for this one. Once it's visited the roads, you hopefully won't go breaking anything...

Spraylor Swift

Swifties rejoice - Taylor Swift gets a name check with this one. Knowing it's on the roads will help you be Fearless as you head out - and if you do slip, hopefully it'll be so minor you can easily Shake It Off.

Sleetwood Mac

Have you heard the Rumours that there's a gritter named after Fleetwood Mac? Well, they're true.

Jennifer Snowpez

This one is named after Jenny from the Block - Jennifer Lopez.

Spready Mercury

Surely this should be Spreaddie? Named, of course, after Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. It'll be hoping to prove that Central Beds gritters are the champions at keeping roads clear and making sure snow and ice don't stop you (don't stop you, don't stop you, hey hey hey!).

Snowtis Spreading

Two puns for the price of one! This gritter is named after King of Soul, Otis Redding - and once it's been around snow hopefully won't be spreading any more.

Spread Zeppelin

Back to rock (salt) - with a gritter named after the influential Led Zeppelin.

George Glycol (the Busway gritter)

Bonus round! The busway gritter is named after George Michael with a cheeky little nod to the anti-freeze glycol.

But when will we see them?

The council salts just under half of the roads in Central Bedfordshire when road temperatures are predicted to drop below zero and the roads are expected to be damp.

It receives a special forecast from the Met Office so it knows when it's time to hit the road with its gritters, which spread a mixture of brine (salt-water) and rock salt which helps roads become clearer much faster.

Roads carrying the highest volumes of traffic, with the greatest risk of accidents or providing key access are given priority. These include all A&B roads and most smaller roads, especially if they are busy commuter routes, routes to hospitals, schools, or key to the emergency services.

In prolonged periods of bad weather - if grit stocks allow - the council will look at gritting more minor routes and pavements.

You can check your postcode to see if your road is included.