Twinning link in peril

A TWINNING link that has been enjoyed for nearly 30 years could soon disappear as a result of dwindling support.

Sandy Twinning Association’s link with Malaunay in France is threatened because the mayor of Malaunay feels he may have to stop funding as few families are now involved.

The Malaunay association receives all of its funds from its town council whereas the Sandy association’s members pay for the trips themselves.

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Councillor Martin Pettitt is Sandy town council’s representative for the Twinning Association.

He said: “It’s typical with a lot of twinning associations locally and further afield. We went back and forth very regularly with all sorts of sporting and community groups. But many families have moved away and the children have grown up.”

Martin needs to convince the mayor of Malaunay that the link has a future and that funding for the French side of the association should continue.

To help bring the group back to life contact the Malaunay organiser, Steve Higgins, on 01767 223104.

To read the full story see the Biggleswade Chronicle of Friday, May 20.

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