UKIP take three seats in Eastern England - Lib Dems lose out

UKIP's Patrick OFlynnUKIP's Patrick OFlynn
UKIP's Patrick OFlynn
UKIP now have three MEPs in the East of England following the party’s landslide victory across the country in the European elections.

Stuart Agnew, Tim Aker and Patrick O’Flynn were among UKIP members celebrating as Nigel Farage’s party rose to become what political commentators are describing as the country’s third political party.

Conservatives are represented by David Campbell Bannerman, Vicky Ford and Geoffrey Van Orden, with Labour’s Richard Howitt also retaining his seat in Europe.

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Mr Howitt says his party “must acknowledge the concerns” UKIP has tapped into.

“We do not reject those concerns, but we do reject the prescription offered by UKIP. We say that Farage is a mirage.”

Lib Dem Andrew Duff, who has been an MEP since 1999, lost his seat.

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